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Bowes Productions Inc.
A commercial studio in Canada that specializes in stop motion animation work. This site has photos of previous professional stop motion projects they have worked on.
BTV - Mac Animation
Video software with frame capture features specifically for animation applications, such as stop motion, clay, drawn, etc.. Also features timelapse and motion detection.
Clay Animation How-To Page
A brief tutorial on how to make clay puppets and animate/film them. Many links to stop motion/puppet animation related web sites.
Production company specializing in clay animation and stop-motion, for TV commercials, music-video and films. Offers behind the scenes photos of stop motion puppets and miniature sets.
This is an inexpensive shareware stop motion animation program for the Apple/Macintosh platform, that enables the users, from novices to professionals, to capture and create animation.
John Wright Modelmaking
A special effects shop in England that designs and fabricates miniature models for use in puppet animation, offers ball and socket joint parts for do-it-yourself armature fabrication, and they also engineer custom stop motion animation armatures.
Loose Moose Animation
Award winning stop motion animation company using puppets, clay animation and CGI. Best known for their Brisk Iced Tea television commercials.
Modelmaking for Stop Motion and Live Action
Scary Cat Studio in England, offers modelmaking and design services that include stop motion animation armatures/puppets, maquettes, props, sets, mouldmaking, exhibition and display models.
MovieStuff Transfers
For those shooting stop motion using Super 8 film format, this company offers low cost film-to-digital transfers of your Super 8 animation. Film is transferred to miniDV tape format and ready for downloading to your computer.
Stop Motion Film
A resource and informational website from Germany about stop motion animation. Also, there is an English version of this site.
Stop Motion Pro
For Windows PCs, an affordable frame capturing program for stop motion animation, clay animation, pixillation, and cut out animation techniques.
Exclusively devoted to Stop Motion Animation. Features information, resources, library, how-to instructionals and much more.
The Clay Animation Home Page
Site that includes, resources, discussion group, materials & supplies links, and other information for those wanting to learn about stop motion clay animation.