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Provides artists, galleries, and collectors a meeting place to exhibit, promote, or purchase art on the Internet.
ASCI - Art and Science Collaborations
Art and technology member organization, a network for artists who either use or are inspired by science and technology.
HYYPE Independent Media
A vehicle which assists, promotes and distributes independent arts and music. Our goal is to offer inexpensive, high quality production, mentoring, and promotion to artists of all genres, then provide a royalty-free outlet for the project to be exposed t
Resources for literary, performing and visual artists, including legal issues, a forum, and news. Features directories of organizations, galleries and regional programs.
Art and design network with galleries, magazine and art forum for the discussion of contemporary art issues.
National Conference of Artists, NY Chapter
Organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion and developing of African American culture and the African world experience.
National Endowment for the Arts
Resources such as links, field reports, and archived features on artists and arts organizations.
Virtual community of artists, galleries and art lovers. Free artists exhibition, chat, forum, resources, tools, and services for the arts. Also in Italian.
Artist network (commercial) offering web-hosting, discussions, calendars and other resources.
PickYourBrainEtc Network
A closed community of artists seeking to be shown in a professional light. Services, how to join, frequently asked questions.
Reality Crash
Free online showcase for writers, artists, and musicians.
An online entryway to outre and avant garde digital arts and culture.
The Thing
Bulletin board system and community for production and presentation of net specific art and the discourse surrounding it.
Network for electronic arts, with database, forums and communities. In German and English.
Experience multi-media communication art. Requires Javascript enabled browser.
System for antiques, architecture, crafts, dance, design, fashion, film, fine art, literature, multimedia, music, photography, show biz, television and theatre communities.