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Search Engine Optimization

It seems everyone is now somehow connected to publishing on the internet, whether it be your Facebook page, a fan page, a blog, or something to do with your business.

No matter what the reason, learning how to maximize your exposure brings in visitors and is an increasingly important realm of knowledge.

Google tells you that content is king, and that as long as you write interesting stuff that you will get the exposure necessary to be successful.

Unfortunately, it isn't that simple, as anyone who knows what goes on behind the scenes is aware.

One important factor is getting relevant sites to link to you. This counts as a vote, and Google loves votes. In fact, all search engines operate this way now.

However, now you have to have relevant sites. You cannot just get a vote from any website - only ones Google trusts and knows isn't selling those links.

This is where Undergrounds comes in. Undergrounds was established over a decade ago and is crawled 10 times more than it is visited by humans. This means Google considers it a serious source of votes, and is therefore in a position to provide your site a possibly much needed boost.

Aside from backlinks, always be sure your titles and descriptions are accurate, and that you have unique content and very little duplicate content. A link from Undergrounds can definitely aid your listings in Google, but won't push you to the top. You need to aggregate lots of relevant links, and this is one of them.

This is why we only charge a one time fee - we want to provide you a permanent vote if your site is deserving, and only want to cover the cost of performing that service. Places such as Yahoo! Directory that charge you ridiculous amounts on a yearly basis are extorting webmasters to maintain those votes.

Stay away from such sources of boost as they are short lived, and simply are not economically sound. Look for free high quality relevant links, or pay for submissions that provide nominal one time fees.