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About Undergrounds

Our directory operates a little differently than others you will find online. Our goal is to permit those sites that may be new, not yet popular, or just struggling fishes in the great ocean of the web to be listed.

What this means is most of the sites listed here are not ones you will find in other directories, and most importantly, are valuable enough for the webmasters to submit it, but not so commercialized that everyone knows about them and are found just about everywhere else.

In a similar vein, we operate the directory with the same mentality - we charge a small fee for your submission to filter out 99% of the spam out there that often clogs up free directories. To prove that it is indeed a filter, it is a one time nominal fee, and you will never be charged again. Furthermore, there are no extra costs for better placement, so once in, everyone is treated equally.

Unlike other fly-by-night directories we don't demand reciprocal links and don't try to extort funds out of webmasters who have sites that should, and will get noticed.

Another very unique criterea we have is that your site must have a Google Pagerank of 4 or lower in order to be listed. If it rises above that point after you are listed, great! But in order to initially be listed, you must still be a little fish.

Finally, we do not accept sub-domain submissions. Only base URLs are allowed as it asserts to us that you are serious about your site, have a unique domain pointed to it, and are not just hopping onto another service provider (remember all those Geocities accounts? How about FortuneCity?).

The web has become a battleground, and it is getting harder for legitimate and passionate webmasters to get noticed by people who would thoroughly benefit from finding them. We aim to balance the scales, if even a little bit.